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Jagermeister & Mixmag invite DJs to express the side of their musicality you rarely see

Mixmag UK has unveiled a fresh content series in partnership with Jagermeister titled Alter Ego. Hosting a series of exclusive events at the top of London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture and observation tower in Stratford, top DJs are given the opportunity to express the side of their musicality that you rarely see – it’s the world’s best DJs as you’ve never seen them before. Jagermeister, with its history of being a music brand, pounced on the opportunity to provide a unique experience. But as with all good brand experiences it’s the punters and viewers that are the real winners. Check out Skream’s UK Garage set for some bubbly bump and grind sunset vibes.

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Saatchi New York decided to trash its office to make a music video

The New York-based advertising agency was planning to remodel their office space, and in truly flamboyant fashion thought to invite aptly titled electro-pop band Big Data to join them in the destruction. Embracing the notion that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, they decided to make the most of those eggs by means of shooting a music video amidst the damage and ruin. The music video itself is a dark and tech-driven paranoid scene of escalating white-collar chaos, following disgruntled employees as they descend into visceral savagery, tearing down both the structure and colleagues alike.

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Subaru swaps its accelerator for a ‘Wah’ pedal; Guitarist shreds in the back seat

The automotive industry and musicians sure make good bedfellows. Recently it was playing giant Guitar Hero on a race track for Lexus and Fiat setting up a replica 15-metre wide giant vinyl for British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre to perform on, this week it’s Subaru teaming up with Australian guitarist Harts to control the new Subaru WRX with the much-loved ‘Wah’ effect pedal! Set up as the accelerator, the ‘Wah’ pedal was modified to control at the same time both the WRX Boxer Engine and the sounds blasting out of the back seat. “It was cool because the car was definitely the instrument” said Harts as his opening line for the campaign video.

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James Boag’s bespoke eletcro-mechanical instrument: ‘Meteorphonium’

We weren’t sure whether to end with James Boag’s weather machine/musical instrument stunt, or popular French start-up Sounds music discovery app that lets you seamlessly share across social media – the Boag’s symphony from an unexpected place took the lead. Set halfway up a mountain in Tasmania’s Ben Lomond National Park, BAFTA award-winning audio specialist Nick Ryan has been enlisted by the premium beer manufacturer to create the Meteorphonium, an instrument playing a beautiful soundscape triggered by data readings from the local weather station, drawing on the “rugged to refined” brand story as inspiration. Just as well the weather isn’t half bad in the lucky country, or it could’ve ended up in a right cacophony!

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iScratch Tokyo confirms you just can’t compete with Red Bull (but keep trying!)

Nothing like beating a world-record to win you some attention. Red Bull have been doing it right since forever. The ultimate brand-turned-publisher does content marketing at its best, and they’ve shown the power creating their own experiences: their properties are wholeheartedly embraced by the communities they’re targeting! Combine 40 of the world’s top turntablists, put them in a room together for the biggest ever scratching session and film the results – it’s not that complicated people! Safe & Sound can make this happen for you (we know all about the power of leveraging music and world-first concepts – check out our upcoming Sound Connections @ EMC 2015 event 😉

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21hrs of Reggie Watts = ONE B1G GIG with Virgin Mobile

Last edition it was Australian beat-boxer Tom Thum touting DAB+ digital radio, this week it’s Reggie Watts bringing his unique blend of comedy and musicality for Virgin Mobile’s ONE B1G GIG campaign! The telco provider has teamed up with streaming service Guvera to show just how much music you can get through with 1GB. Presumably a lot – we didn’t honestly listen to the full-length 21hr track created specifically for the campaign that name-checks over 600 Australian cities and towns. But we love Virgin Mobile for retaining the challenger brand mentality it has grown up with, and beat-boxer/comedian Reggie Watts is the perfect colourful character to get that message across.

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