Music is the easiest way to create a valuable experience, and music culture provides a rich narrative for brands to align to.

Forward-thinking brands recognise the need to engage their best customers through their passions. We believe brands have a role to play as patrons of culture, and that music is a powerful gateway. Music is the shortcut to the emotional connection that brands yearn to create with their audiences. By partnering with musicians to get their messages across, brands have a unique opportunity.


Of people like or love music


Said music played an important or very important role in their engagement in a given advertising campaign.


Say that connection to music encourages them to buy the brand’s product or service.


Are open to the idea that brands could become the new patrons of the arts/ entertainment/culture sector.


Of all consumers surveyed accept or are positive about brand involvement in music, entertainment and culture.


Agree that music improves overall brand image.

Sources: Frukt Brands & Music Manifesto 2010 / Frukt Brands & Music Yearbook 2012 / Havas SE FANS.PASSIONS.BRANDS Study 2016.