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Dropbox teams up with Ta-Ku for week-long creative residency

Equal parts music producer, photographer and fashion collaborator, Future Classic artist Ta-ku has this week hosted ’In Residence’: a creative exhibition series in collaboration with Dropbox featuring a photo series exhibition, panel discussions, video screenings and talks set at the Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills, NSW. The Perth-based artist has teamed up with Dropbox to present the week-long creative residency, which is designed to showcase how technology is redefining the way artists collaborate and create. Wrapping up this afternoon at 5pm with a Ta­ku, if you can’t make it down to the event finale you can head over the Dropbox’s ‘Drop Everything’ page to watch the produced content.

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Adidas Originals teams up with Grime luminary Stormzy

Meeting up in Tokyo to shoot the official look-book for NIGO’s latest three-stripes collaborative range, Adidas has released a short documentary film to accompany the collection. The real winner here is Stormzy, who’s recent meteoric rise to prominence in the world of Grime (currently dominating the cool new-wave music trends) is tastefully documented in the film, set against the backdrop of the bustling Japanese capital. It’s not the first time the sneaker brand has borrowed from urban artistes: just last year they enlisted another top shotta from London’s Grime scene – Newham Generals’ very own D Double E – for their Originals vs Palace Skateboards collaboration.

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Coca-Cola evolves ‘Share A Coke’ into ‘Share A Song’

Off the back of the success of ‘Share A Coke’, the sugary beverage behemoth is borrowing from its sibling product’s US execution (that saw Sprite covering its cans with infamous Hip-Hop lyrics last year) to print lyrics of 70 popular songs on cans and bottles and employing Shazam’s image recognition technology. The ‘Share A Song’ campaign will make the custom products available throughout summer with the aim of using “the lyrics that connect people, and create those moments of sharingsaid Joe Belliotti, Coca-Cola’s Global Head Of Music. “I go back to the mix tape, where we would made mix tapes to connect with people to share how we’re feeling. Today that’s the playlist. And tomorrow it will be a Coke (…).

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G-Star, Ta-Ku and Anthony Lister team up for RAW Collaboration series

Future Classic artist Ta-ku and renowned Australian street artist Anthony Lister have teamed up with Dutch designer clothing company G-Star RAW to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand’s Elwood 5620 jeans as part of their RAW Collaborations series. Multi-talented Ta-Ku (not just an accomplished musician but also a photography enthusiast) steps out of the studio and behind the SLR camera to shoot the models wearing the denim as interpreted by Anthony Lister. Last night saw the project unveiled at China Heights gallery in Surry Hills for a one-day only exhibition in the heart of Sydney’s creative hub. What makes a successful collaboration? Read here.

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MixBANK platform: Dubset announces partnership with Apple Music

With all the turmoil SoundCloud has been facing with its supposed transition into a subscription-based platform and the problematic copyright clearance issues it’s been facing in the wake of its mission to launch said service, Apple Music has swooped in at an opportune time to steal SoundCloud’s thunder in a landmark deal with Dubset Media Holdings – the company behind MixBANK, the first clearance and distribution platform for mix and remix content. Enabling DJs, labels, publishers, distributors and music services to collect on new royalties and earn compensation for the ‘mix & remix marketplace’ which has up until now lived in the shadows.

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Unveiled at SXSW: Sony’s futuristic Concept N headphones

Sony’s newly formed R&D outfit Future Lab showed off its first concept prototype at SXSW this year: a pair of headphones worn around the neck that directs audio upwards so only you can hear it. Showcasing the prototype to press, the wearable ‘Concept N’ technology is built for hands-free operation with four microphones built in with noise-cancelling features to relay commands. More than an audio device, integrating with your smart-phone it uses GPS to provide location-based information, tell you the weather, give you local news and even use a tiny embedded camera to take photos – reimagining headphones for a versatile and connected world, and way cooler than the Sound Wig.

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