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Chance The Rapper gets his break with Kit Kat / Ta-Ku creates short film for Mercedes-Benz

A new Kit Kat remix is likely on its way, with Chance The Rapper looking to put a fun take on the iconic “Gimme a Break” jingle that’s been stuck in our collective heads for decades. The 23-year-old Chicago anti-establishment icon (who refuses to sign a record deal) is now starring in a Kit Kat commercial, marking the first time the candy’s iconic jingle has been remixed by a celebrity artist. Meanwhile here in Australia, Future Classic artist Ta-ku proves once again he’s a creative force to be reckoned with: the prolific musician, photographer, and creative in general, has this time teamed up with Mercedes-Benz Australia to create short film ‘Lost Without You’. Watch it here.

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Stranglehold on streaming: Spotify reportedly in talks to acquire SoundCloud

The battle for dominance heats up as Swedish music-streaming service Spotify is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire German rival SoundCloud. The move would give Spotify a larger library of content (SoundCloud has over 125 million songs), offer emerging artists an easier path to streaming access and remove a competitor from the streaming music landscape after SoundCloud launched its own paid service earlier this year. Closer to shore, Commercial Radio Australia has announced the launch Australia’s first mobile streaming app providing listeners with access to more than 250 radio stations, part of the radio industry’s strategy to stay relevant in a highly competitive industry.

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Chew.TV live-streaming platform introduces ‘Gifting’

Chew.TV (the live streaming community with the aim of connecting a new generation of DJs, producers and personalities with a global fan-base) has just announced the anticipated launch of its latest feature: gifting. Allowing Chew’s content creators to monetise their activity and engagement on the platform, users are now able to buy and gift each other digital products which hold financial value, with the value of the gift (minus a card transaction fee) then transferred to the receiving user. Great move from the guys over at Chew.TV, who have also recently integrated mainstay live streaming platform Mixify, adding nearly 400K users to their community. Well done Wil & Ben from Chew.

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Google’s VR painting app Tilt Brush now responds to music

Google has released a new version of its VR painting application Tilt Brush, which includes new audio-reactive brush tools to enable the creation of paintings that respond to music. The app, which allows users to paint three-dimensional sculptures on a canvas environment, now makes it easier for artists to create audiovisual experiences. Brush strokes move in response to the music, opening up the possibilities for artists to create dynamic VR art pieces that engage with music. A video of the feature called Audio Reactive Mode (that you can watch here) shows the lines and structures built by the user pulsating in real time in rhythm with the music.

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Meet Mubert: the world’s first AI music producer

Mubert is a web-based streaming service that uses computer algorithms to produce original electronic music in real time. Autonomously synthesising a seemingly endless stream of unique melodies, it’s like a radio that produces original music in real time – except it’s not a radio. Mubert will play tunes continuously for as long as you want thanks to its unique algorithm, and according to your tastes. At present, the app can produce music in six different genres including deep house, trap, chill step, trance, ambient and liquid funk, with more styles due to be added in the future. The quality of the tunes that Mubert cranks out is nothing short of spectacular. Check out how it works here.

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DJ Craze in The Lab SYD for Smirnoff Sound Collective

Smirnoff has teamed up with Mixmag for a weekly live-stream series featuring some of the world’s finest DJs. Smirnoff believes music is the ultimate force in bringing people together, and we’re fond of their ‘Exclusively For Everyone’ brand positioning simply because it’s about bringing music fans closer to their favourite artists. This time round they’ve enlisted the 5-time DMC world champion to showcase his skills, and despite the Trap-heavy selection (needs more Drum & Bass) we always enjoy watching a true turntable master perform. Speaking of performances, have you watched Kenzo’s latest TVC directed by Spike Jonze that features a high intensity dance routine and backing track?

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