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Can Music Heal Trauma? Exploring the Therapeutic Powers of Sound

Basically, yes. “Oxygen, food, heartbeats—we don’t often think of music as a conduit to these primal functions. The idea of music as something human bodies do has fallen to the margins as arts programs disappear from schools nationwide, while songs often arrive to us as tick birds riding discreetly on the backs of larger cultural phenomena”.

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Sony’s new deal with Dubset could change the streaming landscape

“A source tells TechCrunch that Dubset is getting closer to securing deals with the other two major labels Warner and Universal. If it can lock down all three, remixes and DJ sets featuring almost any music could be legally hosted on the top streaming services instead of being barred or removed for copyright infringement.” Big news.

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Music influencers and food outlets in contra for new Feed Music app

Feed Music, the not-for-profit officially debut this week at Big Sound, is an app that gives touring music musicians access to free food while ‘on-the-road’. Trading social advocacy with participating restaurants, it’s a cool spin on influencer amplification and an idea that’s definitely got legs. Burrito Beach Company is the national launch partner.

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