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Burleigh Brewing Co. presents Live Your Passion

Celebrating real people who live their passion every day, the brewing company from the Gold Coast in QLD is showcasing a slew of personalities who align. Electronic music producer Paces is among those selected to feature (watch here), alongside photographer Carlene Raschke, craftsman Sam Messina and skateboarder Aimee Massie.

Screen shot 2018-10-29 at 4.01.23 PM

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Grill’d and Schweppes’ ALT present ‘Taste Makers’

The company that brings you “healthy burgers made with love” is putting on a night of beats and eats featuring prominent Hip Hop artist B-Wise. Taking over their Bondi Junction restaurant for one night only in November theyre converting it into a venue complete with free burgers, bottomless glasses of ALT and a live performance.

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Bacardi takes its El Coco Tropical Danceteria on tour

Joining festival line-ups across NSW and ACT, Bacardi will be activating its ‘El Coco Tropical Danceteria’ at Return To Rio, Spilt Milk, Lost Paradise and Mountain Sounds over the coming summer. All-day parties featuring mojitos alongside some great local acts such as Garage Pressure, Kato, Moriarty and Shantan Wantan Ichiban to name a few.

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Spotify and Ancestry use your DNA to curate tailored playlists

A few weeks ago we stumbled across the news that streaming-giant Spotify has teamed up with to offer users playlists based on their DNA. Once signed up to the genealogy company, you can trace your family history and input results to Spotify, which will then generate a playlist based on your family tree and listening habits.

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